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Comfort Collection

Limited vintage sweater collection.

Our second collection of vintage sweater redesigns was inspired by spring flowers. The colors and attributes of the sweaters symbolize the respective flower and the blossoming of vintage clothing. This collection represents optimism and joy of life that comes with the first rays of spring sunshine. We present absolutely unique pieces, selected by us second-hand Europe-wide. Expressive vintage Adidas sweater. A clean and beautiful vintage style combined with an aesthetic modern touch.

Let spring flowers inspire you.

Uniqueness & Favorite Pieces

Blog post - March 5th, 2021

The sheer mass of possibilities, acute availability and a huge supply can overwhelm us. The clothes we choose mostly wholesale-commercial seem to lose their meaning, everything being replicated and available many times over, produced thousandfold and left loveless on the shelf. Often manufactured and made so that their obsolescence and transience in the truest sense are accepted.

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