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Summer t-shirts

Limited selection of vintage t-shirts

Summer T-Shirts is inspired by the desire to be outside and feel free. Having lived in quarantine for so long, we felt that there was a feeling of longing in the air. With this selection, we want to capture and emphasize a certain mood. More than ever, we humans want to enjoy the sun, breathe fresh air and go traveling. So we chose t-shirts because they remind us of the warm weather and they feel so light.

Let the sun in your heart.

Uniqueness & Favorite Pieces

Textiles are something that accompany us from an early age throughout our lives. In our opinion, clothing, even if it is materialistic in itself, should be able to evoke a deep joy in us for its own sake, when we are delighted by its beauty. In this regard, we particularly appreciate the longevity and uniqueness of already existing textiles, as they also reflect the individual history of us humans.

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