Textiles are something that accompanies us from an early age, in many different versions and interpretations through, for example, clothing and fashion, throughout our lives. In essence, it is something superficial and usually has a strong external reference, depending on the occasion or situation. In our view, clothing, even if it is materialistic in itself, should be just as capable of triggering a deep joy in us for its own sake, as we take pleasure in its beauty. In this regard, we especially value the longevity and uniqueness of pre-existing textiles, as they also reflect the uniqueness and individual history of us humans. Originally created as just one of many, each piece of clothing has nevertheless its own path behind it and carries it. For us, the blossoming of clothing expresses the many aforementioned aspects of beauty and longevity, and combines these thoughts and ideas in the symbol of the vintage silk flower.

Our wish is that you can enjoy our unique pieces for their own sake and you can find yourself in its individual origin, which each second-hand and vintage item carries within itself. Thus, in addition to the external beauty of the clothes, we share a deeper connection of appreciation that does not make us dependent on its externals, but enables us to enjoy them every day.

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