Uniqueness & Favorite Pieces

The sheer mass of possibilities, acute availability and a huge supply can overwhelm us. The clothes we choose mostly wholesale-commercial seem to lose their meaning, everything being replicated and available many times over, produced thousandfold and left loveless on the shelf. Often manufactured and made so that their obsolescence and transience in the truest sense are accepted. However, our favorite pieces of clothing usually have a very personal value to us, perhaps they carry a story and shared experience. Maybe we just feel very comfortable and relaxed in them, something that makes them meaningful to us. We pay more attention to them and in them we feel comfortable and we radiate that feeling of well-being.

A world full of options and offers, is a luxury. However, we want to give garments the specialness that can make them quasi individuals. Through our work we create absolute unique pieces, thereby clothing receives a personal meaning and an appreciative connection, but without creating dependencies. The enjoyment of something that you value permanently and can enrich your life a little bit. A conscious decision for something less and with more attention for the little. Wearing unique pieces gives us more than ever the feeling of being an individual, but without setting ourselves apart, but rather with the ability as an individual to be able to contribute something unique to the greater whole, to the common good of all people.

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