Upcycling expresses itself for us as an appreciation for already existing resources, some of which are simply unused or considered waste products. In general, upcycling tries to create more value with the resource, redesigning or upgrading are common methods. In the world of fashion, there are countless pieces of clothing that have been produced unnecessarily, are no longer worn or lose "value" through a little damage or impurity.

There is the unconscious striving for flawlessness, for a smooth surface that is yet not graspable. Which cannot express us because it is so smooth and without flaws, which does not reflect our multifaceted humanity as is. We believe that everything a garment experiences reflects its own history. From the perspective, every little hole and discoloration can be seen as a way to the individual, the peculiarity and the path of a garment. Instead of often seeing these small flaws as negative and hiding them, as is the case with humans, we can first see them as what makes us perfect and different from the rest. In doing so, it is not necessary to wear a garment that is as tattered as possible. It is enough to be aware of the uniqueness and character that is reflected in garments. By patching small holes or remodeling the unused, to hold up the history of a garment and at the same time, by giving attention and working with it, to refurbish it. 

So as a consequence, for example, the garment remains in circulation longer, because the longevity has been extended through repair or redesign. Our clothes become individual and unique, there is a personal value and an incomparable appreciation of unique pieces.

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