We are Tuyet and Nic, together we created WAYNE & FRIENDS, a small fashion studio from Cologne. Founded in spring 2020.

Founded in spring 2020.

We exchanged our ideas about fashion for a long time and intensively. Our common vision is to work with already existing clothing and materials. The stories that vintage clothing wears have their own charm that we particularly appreciate. Love don't toss. We are convinced that if our work appears important to us, it will also be appreciated by others. ❤️

The purpose of our small studio arises from working with existing resources that deserve to flourish again. We all contribute to the longevity of this world and to the protection of our environment, our nature. Because from this we also draw our inspirations, such as the blossoming of used clothes. To extend its life cycle through upcycling.

It is our wish that we can give used clothing new charm and warmth. To create a connection between vintage styles and modern influences. Giving meaning to clothing through love and care. Clothing with personal value. This is how we create unique items - unique favorites.


Our name

The name WAYNE & FRIENDS comes from the playing bats that come out every sunset, when the horizon begins to glow in warm colors, and we admire their happy goings-on in our backyard. The bats have long been called that by households in our area. This calming and graceful scenery, in the middle of a big city, inspired us to design our work with thoughts of this beauty 🦇

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