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An Adidas vintage sweater. Redesign of WAYNE & FRIENDS. Handcrafted with love and care.

The light and clear medium red distinguishes this sweater from all others. Further highlights are the falling shoulders, the boxy-oversized fit and a clean look. The silk flower, embroidered around 1930, adorns the sweater as a symbol of blooming and makes it an absolutely unique piece.

Faded Flame looks like gentle flames that have been burning for a long time due to the washed out red. With a worn story, the sweater keeps this flame burning. Through the sweater we see the fire that is in each of us. That expresses our energy and encourages us to show ourselves as we are.

There is only one of its kind.


All sweaters have a unisex style and cut. Size recommendations are as follows: Women XL - Men L


This sweater is second-hand and is therefore sold as used. All clothing is vintage and subject to natural wear and tear with possible small stains.

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